Deb Strong Napple

Etchings • Woodcuts • Paintings

Two new classes in June:

Introduction to Relief Printmaking at Coconino Center for the Arts
Drawing and Painting from Observation
in Doney Park
Thanks for visiting my online porfolio. Here you will see examples of artwork that I make using the techniques of copper plate etching, zinc plate etching, woodcuts, painting and collage. All of my prints are hand-pulled prints—that means either made on my hand cranked press or hand burnished. They are all original works, nothing is reproduced here. All collages that I make use my hand pulled prints.
My art begins with the beauty that I find in the landscape. I am a synesthetic artist. What is synesthesia? For me, it means that when I paint en plein air I often hear color as musical notes or tones. The sound of bright sunlight is very different than the sound of the shadow under a tree. The expressive colors that you will see in my paintings are my way of sharing this exciting experience with you.
Back in the studio I use my plein air paintings as reference material for my prints and larger paintings. My goal in my artwork is to share the experience of being in that place where I stood with my paint box. If I am successful, you will imagine the feel of the wind, the smell of the grass, or the awe of standing on top of a mountain.
Please browse through my portfolio here. I hope that you enjoy looking.